Liberty and Grace


Liberty and Grace

Liberty and Grace is a full length feature script which made the first cut at the Slamdance Screenplay Competition and received Second Round Honors at the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition in 2016.

Logline: During the year of America’s Bicentennial, shy bookworm Liberty is slammed up against her high school locker by thugs who think she’s called them whores and dykes because she told them they were “horrible” and used the word “dichotomy”. She is rescued by Grace, a braless Jesus lover in a mini skirt who wants to be a monk even though she is pretty sure they don’t let women in.  But in 1976, anything can happen.

“A fresh voice” – Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2016.

The “writing is lyrical, lovely” and “ethereal” – Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2016.

“The charm is in the writing.” Randall Jahnson (screenwriter of The Doors and The Mask of Zorro) giving two thumbs up on Liberty and Grace.

If you are interested in reading the script, please contact the screenwriter.

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