PDX Playwrights

Past Productions (Original Plays):

Suicide in the Garden – Click to watch (9 min)

Suicide in the Garden: Love. Death. Blame. And Laundry. Katie’s comic short play was produced by Portland group PDX Playwrights in their Daisy Dukes Shorts Night for  Fertile Ground Festival 2020.

In Season – Katie’s short play about a dysfunctional rich family on a skiing trip to Vermont was chosen out of a triple blind competition to be produced by Portland group PDX Playwrights as part of their Daisy Dukes Shorts Night in the Fertile Ground Theatre Festival 2019.

Katie was also the producer of the Crazy Dukes Instant Playwright Festival for 2019.

Heaven on Fire – Katie’s 7 minute play about choices was chosen to be produced by PDX Playwrights’ in Daisy Dukes Shorts during Fertile Ground 2016. Click the link to watch:

The Egg – Katie was  chosen to be a Crazy Dukes Shorts playwright in PDX Playwrights’ 2016 Instant Playwriting Festival. In the story, a misfiring egg-shaped space ship tries to maneuver to Endometriopia. Photo: Gary Corbin and Lauren Emery.







The West One – Katie was also chosen to be a Crazy Dukes playwright in 2017.  In less than 27 hours, she wrote, directed, rehearsed and presented this play about two sisters on a cruise ship heading West. One of them is a state worker who dreams of becoming an acrobat; the other is a soccer mom with a not-so-secret vice. Depicted: Jack Wells.


Cute interview of Katie at Meet the Press Night ’17 at Artists Repertory Theatre by the lovely people at THRU Media Click here and scroll to Katie:

Katie Bennett of PDX Playwrights – audio