PDX Playwrights

Upcoming in 2019:

In Season – Katie’s short play about a dysfunctional rich family on a skiing trip to Vermont was chosen out of a triple blind competition to be produced by Portland group PDX Playwrights as part of their Daisy Dukes Shorts Night in the Fertile Ground Theatre Festival 2019.  Shows: Jan 25 at 7:00 and Feb 1 at 9:00. Get your tickets: Tickets

Katie is also the producer of the Crazy Dukes Instant Playwright Festival for 2019! She was a playwright for 2018 and 2019. Tickets for the show Jan 27 at 7:00 are here: Tickets

Past Productions:

Heaven on Fire – Katie’s 7 minute play about choices was chosen to be produced by PDX Playwrights’ in Daisy Dukes Shorts during Fertile Ground 2016. Click the link to watch:

The Egg – Katie was  chosen to be a Crazy Dukes Shorts playwright in PDX Playwrights’ 2016 Instant Playwriting Festival. In the story, a misfiring egg-shaped space ship tries to maneuver to Endometriopia. Photo: Gary Corbin and Lauren Emery.







The West One – Katie was also chosen to be a Crazy Dukes playwright in 2017.  In less than 27 hours, she wrote, directed, rehearsed and presented this play about two sisters on a cruise ship heading West. One of them is a state worker who dreams of becoming an acrobat; the other is a soccer mom with a not-so-secret vice. Depicted: Jack Wells.


Cute interview of Katie at Meet the Press Night ’17 at Artists Repertory Theatre by the lovely people at THRU Media Click here and scroll to Katie:

Katie Bennett of PDX Playwrights – audio