My Fanny and Me

A Big Life: Encouraging Words for Those in the Entertainment Industry –

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Me flaunting my fanny at age two

In my early New York actress days, I had a boyfriend who once made the uninvited remark that I was perfect in every way except “from here to here”.

With his hands he indicated my backside from my hips to the tops of my thighs.

Mind you, I was lovely and young—and briefly a fashion model.   Yet for years, whenever I looked in the mirror I saw my fanny through his eyes.

These days as an older actress I choose to look at what I do like, not at what I don’t.  Also, I don’t believe that a once sinewy body which is softening like the coat of a bird is unattractive.  I am grateful that my once terrifyingly high breasts have finally dropped into place.  This means I now fill out a Victoria’s Secret bra and boy, does that get me looks.

I have long made it a policy never to make any negative comments about my body. But recently I discovered those old words about my backside were still with me when I made an offhand comment to a new boyfriend about my “generous derrére” as I tried to sit in a window frame not intended for the human body.  My boyfriend (who was much younger than me) looked puzzled, trying to see what I saw.  Then I recalled the moment before when he had followed me into the room watching me in my tight jeans. I remembered the audible sigh of desire he had made as he walked behind me.  Suddenly I saw my fanny through his eyes.

Look at yourself with new eyes.

And tell the boys in your life to watch their words.

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8 Responses to My Fanny and Me

  1. Monica Kason says:

    Happy holidays and thank you for the reminder that physical beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Never, ever let other people determine our worth through our attractiveness.
    God made everyone beautiful and I truely believe this.
    Lots of Love, Always, Monica

  2. J.c. Banks says:

    A good reminder of how powerful our words are – not just the ones that we share with others, but also the ones we use on ourselves when no one else is listening!

  3. Dash says:

    I’m so encouraged by these thoughtful words. So many young women take too much stock in what others think – I’m glad you used this to learn about yourself, and then share with all of us.
    Thank you for this, Katie.
    xo, dash

    • Katie Bennett says:

      I am so glad this speaks to my sweet younger friends like you, Dash, as well as my older ones. We must fight all the nonsense and celebrate our beauty. xoox, Katie

  4. Greg Brown says:

    Your former boyfriend is an idiot.

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