The Selfie Interview – Oregon Actor Awards 2014

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Brynn and Katie cropped

Brynn Baron, best actress nominee – Click here! (3.3 min) – Interview #1

Doin’ something a little different with the blog this week! A friend of mine, Miss Brynn Baron (aka Joan-Carrol Banks) asked me if I would be her PR agent for the Oregon Actor Awards and thus “The Selfie Interview” was born.  Two people, me as the interviewer peering sideways through a blonde waterfall. No cameraman. Lots of flirting.

Stacie best cropped

Stacie Overman, talent support – Click here! (3.05 min) – Interview #2

All my secret fantasizing about being interviewed on Ellen and Oprah suddenly paid off–this was so second nature to do. So artsy folks, have no shame about your fantasy life.  Nothing you do in life is a waste of time. Enjoy these kicky, intelligent and playful interviews!

kendall bigger cropped

Kendall Wells, stunt performer – Click here! (3.05 min) – Interview #3

Congratulations, all nominees! Awards begin Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in Portland, Oregon. #OMPA #Portland #Oregon Film #Oregon Actor Awards

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