You Picked It

Katie Ballerina cropped

Me at age 12, in The Nutcracker Ballet.

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This blog is intended to give encouragement to actors, writers, producers, teachers, directors, crew, designers, artists, agents, managers, stylists, photographers, editors, musicians, singers, models and dancers in the entertainment industry.

Why? Because while there is lots of encouragement out there, I haven’t found anything on the net specifically to boost “my” people’s courage.

Long ago, when as a young New York actress I complained to my father one day that “the business” was too competitive, too youth oriented (so funny because I was young and didn’t think so), too oriented toward men.  He said mildly, “Well, you picked it.” This made me mad.  “I did not!” I retorted. “Pick this?  I did not pick this. The industry is unfair. It’s sexist and racist and ageist.” He said calmly, “Yes. You know what it is like, it is what it is, and you picked it.”

Once I got over it, I felt oddly empowered

Acceptance is not very popular.  Neither is accountability.  Tolstoy says, “Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself.”  Daily I hear complaints in the news and from people in the streets about the state of things.  People are unhappy with the government, with their families and with their careers.  They are angry and feel helpless. They are unpleasant to be around.

I’m sure my father felt the same about me.

Yes, the world is unfair.  My way of combating injustice in my life includes a commitment not to manbash. I also look for ways to help every woman in my life see that she is beautiful.   As a new playwright, I want to create work which both men and women from all kinds of backgrounds can relate to–work which is so good that they will hunger to do it.

Yes, there are many things I cannot do.  But there are things I can do.  Picking one or two is enough. Accepting that I am making the choice to pursue this career with all its inequities is power.

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